The high output fire-rated LED downlight

FGLED10 LED downlight
  • Fewer fittings reduces installation costs
  • Ideal for new builds and renovations
  • Provides cleaner, less cluttered ceilings
  • Dimmable as standard

Ultra efficient 10W LED 12.4W total wattage

Up to 69 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Up to 850 lumens

Our high output fire-rated LED downlight

Following in the footsteps of FGLED6® and FGLED3®, FGLED10® is a solution for new builds and renovations.

FGLED10® provides an outstanding 850 lumen output at a 60 degree beam angle. The advanced LED technology provides the same light level whilst only using half the fittings, saving you time and money on installation costs.

Fill the room with light, not lights

Achieve the same light level using 50% fewer fittings

Sometimes it can be the simplest innovations that provide the greatest benefits. FGLED10® delivers 850 lumens spread across an ultra wide 60° beam angle. This means that you can achieve the same light level as 50W GU10 halogen with 50% fewer fittings. Simple.

Cleaner, less cluttered ceilings

Wider beam angle, higher output

FGLED10® has been engineered to provide a higher output than standard 50W GU10 halogen fittings, whilst also spreading the light over a wider 60° beam angle. This achieves the same light level on the working plane using up to 50% fewer fittings. This means you can space your FGLED10® fittings 1.8m apart, instead of the traditional 1.2m spacing used for 50W GU10 halogen fittings.

Ultra wide 60° beam angle


High output 850 lumens

FGLED10 1.8m spacing

Truly advanced LED techology

Advanced chip-on-board design

In addition to the joint benefits of the FGLED® family, FGLED10® uses a crystal clear 60° lens to distribute its high lumen output, this means a wider area is illuminated which increases speed of installation as less fittings are required to produce the required light level. Behind the lens, an innovative chip on board configuration has been developed to further improve efficiency and light output.

FGLED10 exploded view

Fixed die-cast aluminium bezel

No need for separate bezels, saving valuable time during installation.


Crystal clear lens techology

Specially designed composite lens to reduce glare and spread light uniformly over 60° beam angle.


Cutting edge chip-on-board LED array

High specification chip-on-board COB LED array for market leading performance and reliability.


Advanced heat sink

Specially designed contoured heat sink fins provide maximum surface area to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the LED COB array.


Patented intumescent seals

FGLED® downlights feature a pantented intumescent material which expands in the event of a fire, sealing any gap in the plasterboard ceiling.


Adjustable steel clips

Pre-connected high strength steel clips designed to accomodate 12.5mm and 15mm plasterboard ceilings.


Enclosed steel can

Fully enclosed steel can design stops flames from entering the ceiling void, forming a complete barrier in the event of a fire.


Rounded driver housing

Specially designed rounded driver edges provide easy entry through the ceiling cut out.

Dimmable as standard

With approved dimmer switches

All FGLED10® fittings are suitable for use with dimmer switches from the approved manufacturers listed in the compatibility table below.

LED Dimmer Switch


  • ZGrid 500


  • V-Com Series Product Codes K–P

Designed for complete fire safety

Fully fire-rated for peace of mind

FGLED10® has been designed to comply with the 2014 building regulations. Our enclosed steel can ensures that flames won’t enter the ceiling void, creating a complete barrier in the event of a fire.


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Single layer

12.5mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

450mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard

A leap forward for our composite lenses

Crystal Clear engineered lens technology

FGLED10® is designed with the highest specification LED, which focuses through a specially developed composite lens. This helps to reduce glare and creates the crystal clear sparkling light that has become synonymous with the FGLED® brand.

The lens of FGLED10® allows the light emitted by the LED to be spread over an ultra wide 60° beam angle thanks to it’s honeycomb structure. This, along with the higher output of FGLED10®, means you need fewer fittings in your ceilings.

FGLED10 composite lens

Intelligence under the hood

First-class thermal management

The reliability of FGLED10® owes a great deal to its ability to efficiently dissipate heat away from the LED chips. This is thanks to the advanced heat sink. We’ve contoured the heat sink fins to provide a larger surface area to dissperse the heat.

FGLED10 thermal management

LED chips

Cutting edge chip-on-board LED array


Metal mounting plate

Metal mounting plate extracts heat away from the LED


Conductive thermal paste

Thermal paste ensures efficient transfer of heat away from the LED mounting plate


Advanced heat sink

Contoured heat sink fins provide maximum surface area to efficiently dissipate heat

Discover our choice of die-cast aluminium bezels

The entire FGLED® range comes in three bezel colour choices, white, brushed nickel and chrome, to suit any decor. They’re also all available in warm or cool white colour temperatures.




Brushed Nickel



Quick and easy installation

Half the fittings, means half the time

Wider access for wiring

Clear access is provided to the terminal block for easy wiring.

Larger terminal buttons

FGLED® provides larger terminal buttons and wire entry points.

Solid & stranded cable

FGLED® accomodates both solid and stranded cable.

Select your installation guide
FGLED10 featuring curved driver housing

Easy ceiling entry

Rounded driver housing

FGLED10®’s integrated driver features rounded housing, providing easy entry through the ceiling cut out. The adjustable clips snap into position during entry to ensure a secure, snug fit.

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