The market leading fire-rated LED downlight

FGLED6 LED downlight
  • Ideal retrofit halogen replacement
  • Designed for standard ceiling heights
  • Six LED array providing clear, crisp light
  • Tiltable versions & dimmable versions available

Ultra efficient 6W LED 7.2W total wattage

Up to 70 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Up to 500 lumens

Our all-in-one GU10 halogen replacement

Capitalising on years of knowledge, JCC’s engineers have developed FGLED6® to not only be the fastest to install and highest performing LED downlight on the market but also the best looking, the fully integrated design provides a seamless partnership between bezel and lens to make FGLED6® a feature of any application.

Case Study

Replacing halogen downlights with LED

JCC were approached by home owner, Harvey Hillary, to provide a reliable, energy efficient, lighting solution that not only reduced his bills but also provided the perfect look and feel for his newly refurbished home on the UK’s south coast. We provided FGLED6® to replace his existing halogen downlights. Watch the video to learn how JCC improved the atmosphere of his home.

Fire safety first

Our enclosed steel can design

JCC’s tried and tested enclosed can design stops flames from entering the ceiling void, forming a complete barrier in the event of a fire. In addition, the steel ‘can’ protects the heat sink from flammable dust, ensuring maximum fire safety.

Tilting the lens in a standard LED fitting can create a gap that, in the event of a fire, will allow flames to penetrate into the ceiling void. However, the unique tiltable version of FGLED6® has a patented design that incorporates an enclosed steel can and intumescent seal.

FGLED6 air vents

1. Air vent dissipates heat during normal operation

FGLED6 seals

2 & 3. Intumescent material expands & seals during fire

Protection at its heart

Fully fire-rated for complete peace of mind

FGLED6® has been designed to comply with the 2014 building regulations. Our enclosed steel can ensures that flames won’t enter the ceiling void, creating a complete barrier in the event of a fire.


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Single layer

12.5mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

450mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard

Simple to install

Saving you time and money

Wider access for wiring

Clear access is provided to the terminal block for easy wiring.

Larger terminal buttons

FGLED® provides larger terminal buttons and wire entry points.

Solid & stranded cable

FGLED® accomodates both solid and stranded cable.

Select your installation guide

Easy ceiling entry

Simply slide in & switch on

FGLED6®’s integrated driver features rounded housing, providing easy entry through the ceiling cut out. The adjustable clips snap into position during entry to ensure a secure, snug fit.

FGLED6 featuring curved driver housing

Beautiful outside, genius inside

Cutting edge product design

A light fitting should not only look good, but it should also be built to the highest standard possible. FGLED6® is made using high specification materials from driver to lens, ensuring excellent build quality and outstanding light distribution.

FGLED6 exploded view

Fixed die-cast aluminium bezel

No need for separate bezels, saving valuable time during installation.


Crystal clear engineered lens

Engineered honeycomb structure to diffuse the light and ensure smooth and even light distribution.


High quality LED componentry

Highest specification LED componentry for maximum efficiency and reliability.


Patented intumescent seals

Intumescent material which expands in the event of a fire to stop fire penetrating the ceiling.


Enclosed steel can design

Steel can design stops flames from entering the ceiling void, forming a complete barrier in the event of a fire.


Integrated driver

Enclosed steel can design allows the direct mounting of the driver to the fixture.


Adjustable steel clips

Pre-connected high strength stainless steel clips designed to accommodate different thickness of ceilings.

Innovative all-in-one design

Improved air flow & no need for accessories

The FGLED® unique design allows for the driver to be securely fixed on top of the enclosed steel can that surrounds the heat sink. The driver is positioned to give clear space between the vent above the heat sink and the base of the driver. Heat is dissipated effectively whilst shielding the opening from dust.

The fixed driver ensures that when the fitting is placed into a ceiling which contains insulation, a clear space is created around the fitting. This controlled environment allows air to flow freely, maintaining the correct operating temperature.

Competitor driver diagram

Competitor with separate driver

Fire rated downlights with separate drivers do not create adequate space for airflow and risk reliability due to overheating.

FGLED6 driver diagram

FGLED6® fitting

The FGLED® larger air pocket guarantees that the temperature of the driver remains at the correct operating level.

Intelligent thermal management

Efficient heat transfer

The reliability of FGLED6® owes a great deal to its ability to efficiently dissipate away from the LED chips.

FGLED6 heat sink

LED chips

The LED chips generate heat which needs to be quickly dissipated.


Metal mounting plate

Metal mounting plate transmits heat away from the LED.


Conductive thermal paste

Conductive thermal paste ensures total transfer of heat from the LED mounting board to the advanced heat sink.


Advanced heat sink

Contoured heat sink fins provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat.

Pure clarity

Crystal Clear engineered Lens

FGLED6® is designed with the highest specification LED array that focuses through specially developed composite lenses. This helps to reduce glare and creates the crystal clear sparkling light that has become synonymous with the FGLED® brand.

The face of the FGLED6® lens uses a honeycomb structure to diffuse the light and ensure smooth, even light distribution.

FGLED6 lens

Dimmable as standard

With approved dimmer switches

All FGLED6® fittings are suitable for use with dimmer switches from the approved manufacturers listed in the compatibility table below.

LED Dimmer Switch


  • ZGrid 500


  • V-Com Series Product Codes K–P

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