The interchangeable integrated LED downlight

  • Interchangeable LED modules for flexibility
  • Greater performance and product life
  • High quality integrated styling
  • LevLink ultra fast push-fit connection system

Ultra efficient 8.5W Total wattage

Up to 750lm light output

Up to 88lpcw lumens per circuit watt

Introducing Hybrid – Technology in your hands

Hybrid has been developed to deliver the latest in integrated technology, coupled with the flexibility of an LED lamp. The combined bezel and LED module can be detached from the fitting as easily as removing an LED lamp.

However, unlike LED lamps, Hybrid products provide the styling and performance of a true integrated fitting. This revolutionary design allows customers to easily replace products at the end of life, upgrade their lighting and remove during redecorating.

Hybrid products incorporate Acrich3 mains driverless technology from leading LED chip manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor. This delivers outstanding levels of performance and energy savings across the range with enhanced reliability for complete peace of mind.

Interchange again and again

Integrated styling with the flexibility of a lamp

Hybrid uses a combined bezel and LED module that can be easily detached from the fitting in the same way that you would remove an LED lamp. However, unlike LED lamps, Hybrid products provide the aesthetics and performance of an integrated LED downlight.

Upgrade fittings with ease

Unlike traditional integrated fixtures, Hybrid products can be changed as easily as a lamp. The LED module and bezel combination encapsulates all of the technology into a single unit, delivering all of the benefits of a true integrated fixture with the flexibility of a lamp.

  • Easily replaced by the end user
  • Simple to adapt if the room use changes
  • High quality integrated styling
  • Enhanced thermal management
  • Greater performance and product life
Easily replace a Hybrid fitting

Redecorate quickly and easily

Painting ceilings is made easy by simply removing the front of the fitting. This avoids getting paint onto the fixture during redecorating and makes painting far quicker.

  • No paint on bezels
  • No damaged or scratched bezels
  • No masking bezels off to paint ceilings
Easily redecorate by removing the front of the Hybrid fitting

Change fittings with ease

In contrast to traditional integrated fixtures, Hybrid products provide complete flexibility to change the bezel finish or colour temperature of the fixture as desired. All Hybrid products are available in brushed nickel, chrome and white finishes with both 3000K warm white and 4000K cool white options.

  • Chrome

  • Brushed nickel

  • White

  • Cool White

  • Warm White

Design & engineering harmony

Revolutionary new product design

Hybrid’s revolutionary design blends the next generation of integrated technology with the features and benefits associated with separate lamps. This is achieved by consolidating all of the technology into a single, replaceable unit, which provides the styling associated with true integrated fixtures.

The body of the fitting remains in the ceiling void and is engineered from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability. Separating the technology from the body of the fixture negates the need to remove the entire fitting from the ceiling at the point of replacement.

Hybrid9 plus Levlink connection system

Die-cast aluminium bezel

Featuring the traditional high quality JCC bezel, the detachable LED module and bezel allows for future upgrades and easy redecoration.


Crystal Clear Optics

Low glare, high clarity lenses ensure maximum LED efficiency and even light distribution.


LED Module

Using the latest high performance driverless LED technology, Hybrid delivers outstanding levels of performance and efficiency with enhanced reliability.


Twist & Lock design

The three GU10 pins allow for easy removal whilst providing the styling associated with integrated fittings.


Ultra strong ceiling clips

Our renowned high strength stainless steel clips ensure that the body of the fitting remains securely fixed in place within the ceiling beyond the life of the LED module.


Pillar Heat Sink

Drawing heat away from the LED chip, the pillar heat sink maintains the luminaire’s optimum operating temperature.


Top Airflow Cap

The top airflow cap allows installers to lay mineral wool insulation directly over the top of the fitting. This further reduces installation time, without compromising reliability.


LevLink Connector

The fully detachable LevLink connector allows for first fix wiring and high voltage circuit testing whilst the luminaire is detached from the LevLink connector.


Tool-less wiring

The press-fit terminal block and hinged housing enables significantly faster wiring than traditional screw fix connectors.

A breakthrough new thermal design

Maximum life & reliability

The performance and reliability of LED fittings rely heavily on the ability to manage heat dissipation in order to maintain the LED chips correct operating temperature. This process is often referred to as thermal management and plays a pivotal role in all LED products.

Hybrid9 incorporates our new pillar heat sink configuration that allows increased airflow within the fitting, efficiently controlling heat dissipation which ensures that the maximum product life is achieved.

  1. 1. Top airflow cap

    The top airflow cap allows heat to escape and directs heat into the surrounding void. The cap allows installers to loosely cover with mineral wool installation.
  2. 2. Pillar heat sink

    The pillar heat sink configuration efficiently draws heat away from the LED chip. The heat sink maintains the luminaire’s optimum operating temperature.
Hybrid 9 pillar heat sink for better thermal management

Outstanding thermal dissipation

Thermal plate & heat sink

Hybrid’s innovative thermal design has been developed to provide maximum heat management within the fitting and deliver enhanced product reliability.

Hybrid 9 thermal design – thermal plate and heat sink

All-new airflow architecture

Lay insulation directly over the top

Hybrid9 incorporates our bespoke fixed top airflow cap design. This ensures that when the fitting is placed into a ceiling that contains insulation, a clear space is created around the fitting.

Hybrid 9 airflow diagram

Lifelong performance

50,000 hour ultra long life

Thanks to our intelligent thermal design Hybrid9 maintains optimum operating temperature during use to maintain an oustanding L70 rating, lasting up to 60% longer than standard a LED lamp.

Incredible 50,000hr ultra long life

Graph showing Hybrid9 LED performance

Designed for complete fire safety

Fully fire-rated for peace of mind

Hybrid9 has been designed to comply with the 2014 building regulations. Our enclosed steel can ensures that flames won’t enter the ceiling void, creating a complete barrier in the event of a fire.


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Single layer

12.5mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

600mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard


minute ceiling

450mm joist centres

Double layer

15.0mm plasterboard

A quantum leap for LED downlight technology

The latest driverless technology

In addition to the revolutionary detachable design, Hybrid9 uses the very latest cutting edge LED technology. Incorporating the latest innovation from leading LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor – Acrich3 driverless technology – Hybrid9 delivers outstanding levels of performance and efficiency with proven chip reliability.

Hybrid9 led module and lens

Crystal Clear Lens technology

Hybrid uses our unique crystal clear lens technology that provides smooth and even light distribution.


NEW High specification LED chips

Hybrid9 driverless technology eliminates the need for the traditional remote driver, all of the required electrical components are now placed on the same printed circuit board (PCB) as the LED COB.

Dimmable as standard

With approved dimmer switches

Hybrid9 fittings are suitable for use with trailing-edge and leading-edge dimmer switches from the approved manufacturers listed in the compatibility table below.

LED Dimmer Switch


  • Lev71906
  • Lev71906MOD


  • MK4511WHILV
  • MK1523WHILV


  • Led It Be
  • 7WC 1X40WH


  • V-Pro Series
  • V-Com Series


  • Rania RNDU-252B-FAW-M
  • Rania QSGRK-6 piece
  • Rania RNDU-452B-FAW-M


  • Led Dimmer S1261
  • Led Dimmer S1262
  • S1253


  • Grid 500
  • Grid Led


  • DQDGD CB400W
  • DQDGD EU400W


  • 2WAY X 400 W


  • GGBL6012LS

Swap & change

Switch modules quickly & easily

Step one

Remove previous LED module by rotating anti-clockwise.

Step two

Align the three GU10 pins with their respective holes within the can.

Step three

Secure the LED module in place and roate clockwise.

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