Ultra fast, tool-less connectors

LevLink 6-Way Connector

Introducing LevLink – our tool-less intelligent wiring solution

LevLink LevLink's revolutionary design requires no tools for installation and incorporates our ultra fast push-fit terminals. Each cable uses a dedicated terminal avoiding the need to overlay wires into single terminal points. LevLink™ allows for first fix wiring, minimising the risk of damaging fittings during installation.

First fix installation

Faster & easier installation

LevLink has been designed to allow for first fix installation. This allows testing of the circuit to be carried out prior to the installation of the fitting, minimising the risk of damage. The secure cable restraint ensures complete peace of mind during installation.

Why first fix?

  • Reduces risk of damage to the fittings during installation
  • Allows full testing of circuit before fittings are connected
Hybrid 9 first fix installation

Ultra fast installation

Tool-less, intelligent wiring system

LevLink features innovative push-fit termination which unlike traditional screw-fit terminals, requires no tools for installation. The intelligent loop-in loop-out PCB design of LevLink allows wires to be inserted neatly into the corresponding terminals without the need to overlay cables in single terminal holes.

Installation with LevLink is much faster and easier than traditional screw fit connectors. LevLink features wide access to the push-fit terminals, large buttons and accepts both solid and stranded cables.

LevLink push-fit connector
LevLink push-Fit connector
Traditional screw fit connector
Traditional screw fit connector

Significantly faster switched live wiring

9-way connector & t-splitter

When used in conjunction with the T-Splitter, the LevLink 9-Way connector dramatically reduces the time spent on first fix switched live wiring. In addition, this also enabless installers to replace existing ceiling rose wiring.

The LevLink 9-Way and T-Splitter will be available from November.

Levlink 9-way connector with t-splitter

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