Lighting Education

Enhance your knowledge of lighting

Lighting explained

A guide to commonly used terms within lighting, from wattage to understanding cone diagrams and colour temperatures.

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Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential requirement in the modern workplace. Discover the different emergency light fittings available and their uses.

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Controlling lighting

Control systems can further reduce energy consumption and improve lighting. Learn about the different types of lighting control systems.

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IP rating

IP rating is a two digit number used to define the level of protection against solids and liquids. Discover the different levels of protection for lighting

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Bathoom lighting zones

An understanding of bathroom lighting zones is extremely important before installation takes place and must adhere to wiring regulations.

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Commercial lighting guide

From the boardroom to the reception and showroom. Discover how lighting should be used in various commercial applications.

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Fire Rated Downlights Explained

Fire rated downlights offer a solution to the issue of compromised fire integrity when installing recessed downlights.

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