Ultra stylish, high output LED floodlights

Niteflood high output LED floodlight
  • 15W, 30W and 50W options
  • Zero maintenance, no need to relamp
  • Up to 90% energy saving
  • Quick & easy installation

Over 90% energy saving

Up to 80LPCW lumens per circuit watt

Up to 4000 lumens

Our range of domestic and commerical LED floodlights

Combining style and durability, our ultra-efficient Niteflood® range provides the ideal solution for any home and commercial application. Security and practicality is of the utmost importance when selecting a floodlight, therefore all Niteflood® products feature key design aspects such as instant start-up, vandal resistant toughened glass and an IP65 weather resistant rating. Our 15w Niteflood® has a PIR option which provides complete control over the detection area and the 30W and 50W variations come with a multi-directional mounting bracket for complete versatility and ease of installation.

Complete design durability

High quality, durable construction

Niteflood® products have been designed to the highest specification, ensuring longevity, reliability and durability is always maintained. From it’s toughened glass lens to its anti-corrosive finish, Niteflood™ has been designed to an incredibly high standard.


Glass Lens

Solid Steel

PIR peace of mind

PIR Sensor for Niteflood® 15W

Niteflood® 15W is available with an optional PIR detector1. Most domestic floodlights use microwave sensors to detect movement and motion, however, this often leads to false triggers from leaves, wildlife and litter. Niteflood® 15W + PIR is far more directional, making it ideal for targeting areas such a walkways, driveways and doors.

PIR Sensor

PIR Sensor

  • Complete control over detection area
  • Great for targeted areas
  • Suitable for walkways, driveways and doors
Microwave Sensor


  • General movement detection leads to false triggers
  • 360° detection – more difficult to control
  • Ability to sense through walls increases false triggers

It’s got you covered

Wide detection range

Niteflood® 15W + PIR features an ultra wide detection range of 120°, spanning over 8m when mounted at a 2m height. This ensures that the detection area is wide enough to provide security.

PIR detection range

Designed for complete versatility

Unique multi-directional brackets

At JCC we realise that every application is different, this is why Niteflood® products have been intelligently designed to be multi-directional and completely adjustable. Niteflood® 30W & 50W both feature our innovative corner bracket, allowing even more versatile mounting options.

50° tiltable

50<sup>°</sup> tiltable

40° rotatable

40<sup>°</sup> rotatable

Corner bracket

Niteflood corner bracket

Ideal for flat walls

Ideal for flat walls

Ideal for corners2

Ideal for corners
Niteflood bracket

Built for extreme conditions

IP65 & Anti-humidity gland

Designed and engineered to be able to withstand harsh environments, Niteflood® can be installed in a variety of applications, including coastal areas. The superior build quality ensures Niteflood® is protected against corrosion and condensation.

IP65 protection as standard across the range

Niteflood® products are all IP65 rated, ensuring each fitting is completely sealed and protection from wind, rain, moisture and dust. Niteflood® is also finished with an anti-corrosive finish, minimising the risk of rust and making it an ideal solution for coastal locations.

Niteflood 30W & 50W Built in Anti-humidity gland

Traditional floodlights generate large amounts of heat, resulting in condensation build up on the lens of the fittings. This impairs light distribution. Niteflood® 30W & 50W both come fitted with an anti-humidity gland as standard to prevent condensation build up from occuring.

Pure performance

Lifetime & energy saving

Niteflood® products provide outstanding performance compared to their traditional counterparts. Not only are LED’s more efficient, but they provide clearer, more consistent light, while also saving energy.

Lifelong lumens

Outstanding lumen maintenance

As well as lamp life, lumen maintenance is also an important factor. Niteflood®’s life expectancy is rated at L70, this effectively means greater than 70% of the original lumen output is delivered by the fitting at 50,000 hours.3

This means that Niteflood® 50W has a life expectancy that’s over 2.5 times longer than a traditional SON floodlight.

Graph showing Niteflood L70 lumen maintenance

Save money and energy

Outstanding energy savings

All our Niteflood® products provide outstanding energy savings compared to their traditional equivalent. This not only saves energy, but also saves you money.

200W Halogen




93% energy saving

against 200W halogen

1. PIR attachment compatible with Niteflood® 15W only. 2. Corner bracket only available with Nitflood® 30W and 50W. 3. 50,000 hour life applies to Niteflood® 30W and 50W. Calculated based on average use of 12 hours a day, 365 days a years.

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