Ultra efficient, direct fluorescent retrofit

OxfordLED ultra-efficient commercial linear light
  • Up to 50% energy saving against T8 fluorescent
  • Quick and simple retrofit installation
  • Designed for surface mounted and solid ceilings
  • Smooth even light distribution, no visible hotspots

Up to 100LpcW Lumens per circuit watt

Up to 50% energy saving

Extended 5yr warranty

Directly replaces T8 fluorescent fittings

The retrofit solution

OxfordLED has been specifically designed to match the physical footprint of traditional T8 fluorescent fittings often seen in schools, universities and educational facilities. The dimensions of OxfordLED guarantees a seamless retrofit installation that eliminates the issues of unsightly marks left behind by the previous fixture.

OxfordLED direct retrofit

Matches existing footprint

OxfordLED matches the typical dimensions of traditional T8 fluorescent fittings, eradicating the issues of unsightly patches left behind.


High quality polycarbonate diffuser

The polycarbonate diffuser eliminates the risks associated with shattered fluorescent lamps and contamination within the workplace.


Fast and simple installation

The security cable system allows the diffuser to hang from the base whilst wiring connections are made, ensuring an effortless and safe installation.


Ultra efficient performance

At 100 lumens per circuit watt, OxfordLED is extremely efficient, saving 50% in energy against 36W and 58W T8 fluorescents.

Easy retrofit mounting

Directly fit to existing mounting points

OxfordLED allows for easy retrofitting via built in mounting points or conduit BESA plate mounts. The spacing between the mounting points match that of traditional fluorescent fittings.

OxfordLED mounting points

OxfordLED (4ft) mounting points

Fast and simple installation

Installation made easy

The integrated security cable system and clip hinges ensure a safe and simple installation. This system allows the diffuser to hang from the base whilst wiring connections are made and minimises the risk of damaging the luminaire during the installation process.

Step one

Affix body to ceiling using mounting points or conduit BESA plate mounts.

Step two

Attach security cable to allow for easy access wiring and minimal damage during installation.

Step three

Once supported with the security cables, align the hinges into place.

Step four

Complete install with the quick quarter turn security screws.

Smooth, even light distribution

No LED hot spots or visible lamps

OxfordLED uses JCC’s tailored LED array. The specifically engineered LED array positions chips at the precise distance to ensure maximum light uniformity and eliminates hot spots that are often associated with poor quality LED or fluorescent lamps.

OxfordLED light with even light distribution

Outstanding energy savings

Engineered to use 50% less energy

All OxfordLED products deliver an ultra-efficient 100LpcW, ensuring that lighting energy consumption is reduced by half compared to fluorescent fittings.

36W T8 fluorescent

Baseline energy usage


Up to 50% energy usage

Up to 100 LpcW

Up to 50% energy savings

OxfordLED is designed for solid ceilings, replacing traditional T8 fluorescents often seen in schools, universities and educational installations. The benefits of LED can provide strong support for these applications by reducing energy consumption whilst enhancing the learning environment for students.

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