The fit & forget 2d replacement

RadiaLED wall lights
  • Up to 50% energy saving against 2D fluorescent
  • Zero maintenance, no need to relamp
  • No unslightly 2D lamps or LED hotspots
  • Emergency and microwave versions available

Up to 36W ultra efficient LED

Up to 50% energy saving

Up to 40,000hr ultra long life

Innovative and reliable wall & ceiling lights

Our range of energy efficient LED bulkheads, provide a solution to suit applications ranging from indoor, outdoor, commercial and domestic. All RadiaLED® products contain JCCs unique and innovative LED array that creates even light transmission, avoiding any unsightly 2D lamps or hotspots that you find with traditional bulkheads or lower quality LED versions. In addition to this, all variations come in microwave dimming, on/off and emergency versions making RadiaLED® a comprehensive bulkhead solution for any application.

Radical design innovation

The solution to the issues of 2D fluorescent

Unlike traditional bulkheads, the RadiaLED® range has been designed to provide the appropriate amount of light to the application, while avoiding the unattractive silhouettes that lamps or alternative LED variations produce.

We designed every aspect of RadiaLED® with performance, aesthetics and ease of installation in mind to ensure we offered a market leading bulkhead solution to suit a broad range of applications for our customers.

RadiaLED exploded view


The polycarbonate base for RadiaLED® has been specifically designed to allow conduit entry points into the base and help maintain the unit's IP rating.


Light reflector panel

The radial reflector is designed so that the light is distributed evenly across the fitting, eliminating hotspots.


Patented radial LED array

The unique LED array around the edge of the fitting provides an even light transmission.


Durable polycarbonate diffuser

Our RadiaLED® products come with the highest quality polycarbonate diffusers for maximum durability.

Patented RadiaLED® technology

Ensures smooth light distribution

RadiaLED® technology uses JCC’s patented LED array to allow light to flow evenly across the reflector and out through the diffuser. This eliminates the hot spots and visible lamps more commonly associated with poor quality LED arrays or fluorescent lamps. Unlike traditional 2D fittings, RadiaLED® doesn’t suffer from light loss over the life of the product, and LED life is not affected by switching on and off.

UK patent pending No. 1209256.5

All round even light

No LED hot spots or visible lamps

RadiaLED® technology uses JCC’s patented LED array to allow light to flow evenly across the reflector and out through the diffuser. This eliminates the hot spots and visible lamps more commonly associated with poor quality LED arrays or fluorescent lamps.

No unsightly 2D lamps
No LED hotspots
Even light distribution

Not every emergency has to be a big one

Innovative compact emergency unit

We’ve managed to dramatically reduce the size of our emergency fittings by approximately 40%. This has been achieved by combining the inverter and the driver into one small unit. As a result, we can now offer emergency versions of smaller luminaires, such as RadiaLED® Optimum and RadiaLED® Utility.

Standard emergency unit
RadiaLED® emergency unit

40% smaller unit

3hrs illumination

Built for performance

Outstanding led Performance and Lifetime

Our RadiaLED® technology has been built from the ground up to ensure maximum performance and reliability. This ensures a long product life and lighting that won’t let you down.

Lifelong lumens

An outstanding L70 rating

Lumen depreciation is an important performance consideration. RadiaLED®’s life expectancy is rated at L70 – this effectively means greater than 70% of the original lumen output is delivered by the fitting at 30,000 hours.

Fluorescent lamp life is not rated in the same way. Lumen degradation is greater than LED and reaches L70 at less than 7,000 hours if operated at optimum conditions. Poor thermal management and frequent switching will further accelerate the loss of lumen output.

Graph showing RadiaLED LED performance

Switch on and off, again and again

Excellent performance with microwave sensing

The life expectancy of a traditional 2D fluorescent can be reduced by half when a switching cycle is introduced. If a cycle of 3 hours on and 30 minutes off is used then the lamp life can be reduced by up to 75%. This can create a costly maintenance problem, especially in areas where lights are activated by movement via a microwave sensor.

The effective lamp life of an average 2D lamp is up to 10,000 hours, whereas RadiaLED®'s 40,000 hour lifespan is not shortened by frequent switching, making it the ideal replacement to maximise maintenance savings.

Average 2D lifespan

2D fluorescent with microwave on/off

2D fluorescent with microwave on/off

10,000hrs with microwave on/off

RadiaLED® lifespan

RadiaLED® with Microwave on/off

RadiaLED with Microwave on/off

40,000hrs with microwave on/off

Quick and easy installation

A complete guide to installing RadiaLED Optimum

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