High Performance LED battens

Skypack high performance LED batten
  • Smooth even light distribution, no visible hotspots
  • Products available with conduit entry points as standard
  • Dimmable options available
  • Emergency options available
  • Designed for simple installation
  • 4000K colour temperature as standard to match JCC commercial offering

Consistent 4000K colour temperature

Ultra-efficient 138LPCW Lumens per circuit Watt

Up to 10,800lm Lumens

The new expanded range of high performance battens

The Skypack range has been designed for perfect light uniformity, using only the latest and most efficient LED chip technology. Skypacks contemporary style and durable components make it the ideal fitting for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


Skypack Quick Release

Intelligent Press Release Design

Skypack Quick Release uses an innovative dual button mechanism to make installation quick and simple, ensuring that the LED tray and diffuser remains secure during the product lifetime.

Skypack Quick Release

Key Features

  • Intelligent press release buttons for simple installation
  • 4ft, 5ft and 6ft standard and emergency versions
  • 3 year extended warranty

Featuring intelligent press release buttons

Ensuring easy installation

Skypack QR uses an innovative dual button mechanism to make installation quick and simple. The robust and durable design of Skypack™ QR is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

Skypack press release button

Press release buttons

Skypack Quick Release Press Release Buttons

Pressing the innovative dual button mechanism releases the LED tray which is secured by cables to allow for quick and simple installation.


Robust design

Suitable for a range of operating temperatures -10°C to 50°C.


Consistent performance

Ultra efficient, up to 120 Lumens per circuit Watt.


LED batten with hinged design installation

Skypack features a unique slide and lock mechanism for quick and easy installation compared to traditional fluorescent and other LED battens. This ensures installation time is minimised and downtime is reduced.


Key Features

  • Unique slide and lock design for ultra fast installation
  • Available in standard and high output versions
  • 5 year extended warranty

Intelligent LED design

Resolving the issues associated with fluorescent

Our precision engineered design ensures industry leading performance whilst incorporating key features that ensure quick and easy installation for the contractor. Skypack uses the highest quality pressed steel body and impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser to ensure maximum durability.

Skypack exploded view

Impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser

Skypack’s high quality polycarbonate diffuser eliminates the risks associated with shattered fluorescent lamps and contamination within the workplace.


Highest efficiency LED chips

Skypack uses the latest high output LED chips that provide outstanding efficiency up to 138 LpcW, whilst maintaining their 4000K colour temperature for the life of the product.


Pressed steel construction

Skypack is lightweight and easy to handle during installation whilst providing maximum strength and durability.


Captive screw

Captive screw firmly secures the LED tray to the base.

Two levels of performance

Standard and Plus light output options

Skypack is offered in two output options. Skypack standard has been designed as a true like-for-like T8 replacement and delivers 50% energy saving across the range. Skypack High Ouput has been engineered to exceed traditional fluorescent light output and is ideal for areas requiring greater light output.



Single |  20W  |  2,500 lm

Twin   |  40W  |  5,100 lm


Single |  30W  |  3,700 lm

Twin   |  60W  |  7,300 lm

Skypack High Output


Single |  30W  |  4,000 lm

Twin   |  55W  |  7,600 lm


Single |  45W  |  6,000 lm

Twin   |  75W  |  10,000 lm


Single |  53W  |  6,400 lm

Twin   |  90W  |  10,800 lm

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Case Study – VK Gym

Skypack installation

Skypack was installed into VK Gym in West Sussex to replace their ageing fluorescent lighting and enhance the environment for their customers.

Multiple wiring options

Complete versatility

Knock-outs at back and ends

Knock-outs at the back and ends of the fitting, plus conduit entry provide multiple wiring options.

Rear wiring entry

Wiring entries are designed as a point-for-point retrofit against traditional fluorescent.

Press-fit termination

Skypack incorporates loop-in, loop-out connection and press-fit termination ensuring fast installation

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