Skytile® Direct/Indirect

Architectural direct/indirect modular luminaire

Skytile Direct/Indirect’s recessed design and high performance chips, ensure that it remains a sustainable and energy efficient low glare solution, whilst simultaneously maximising performance. Skytile Direct/Indirect functions using a high performance central diffuser that maximises light levels on the working plane, making it the ideal solution for all office environments, providing a contemporary alternative to traditional flat panels.

Skytile Direct/Indirect modular luminaire
  • Nano diffuser specifically engineered to reduce visual discomfort
  • 4000K colour temperature as standard to match JCC commercial offering
  • Assists with compliance of UGR19 lit space
  • Smooth, even light distribution
  • Designed to comply with BS EN 12464-1 lighting of work places
  • NEW Skytile Plug and Play Emergency Pack (EM00172)

Ultra efficient 35W LED total wattage

Up to 97 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Over 60 % energy saving

Contemporary design

Modern alternative to flat panels

Skytile Direct/Indirect’s recessed tri-panel configuration combined with high performance LED chips and nano technology low glare diffuser makes it the ideal solution for any contemporary installation.

Skytile Direct/Indirect luminaire in ceiling

Smooth even light distribution

Harmonised illuminated appearance, eliminating shadowing and hotspots.


Minimal steel white frame

Suitable for installation into 15mm and 25mm lay in T bar ceiling systems.


High performance central diffuser

Minimises light levels on the working plane, resulting in a more pleasant working environment.


Nano technology diffuser

Low glare polycarbonate nano technology diffuser

The low glare polycarbonate nano diffuser narrows the overall beam angle of the luminaire for more focussed lighting.

Backlit panel construction

ultra-low glare solution

Skytile Direct/Indirect has been specifically engineered to reduce glare and tested to comply with British Standards guidelines for the lighting of workplaces. Three parallel rows of high efficiency LED chips focus light directly towards each light panel creating a unique style and maximising LED performance.

Skytile Direct/Indirect backlit panel construction
  1. 1. Central diffuser

    Direct light is emitted through central low glare diffuser.
  2. 2. Outer diffusers

    Indirect light emitted from angled chips, directed by internal reflector.
  3. 3. High performance LED chips

    Three rows of chips concentrate light towards the reflective interior panels.
  4. 4. Exceptionally strong & lightweight structure

    Lightweight and easy to handle with maximum strength and durability.
Skytile Direct/Indirect luminaires in office reception

Market leading Skytile® features

Consistent and reliable performance

Skytile Direct/Indirect incorporates all the features and benefits of our original Skytile panel, one of the first LED panels to provide the market with consistent and reliable performance that exceeded traditional fluorescent fittings.

Light Distribution Icon

Smooth even light distribution

The light transmitter, diffuser and reflector eliminate shadowing and hotspots. This ensures crisp, smooth light distribution across the working plane, resulting in a more pleasing working environment and ambient light.

IP44 Icon

IP44 Protection as standard

Skytile is IP44 protected as standard, ensuring the internals of the fitting are protected against dust and moisture. Not only does this ensure the fitting lasts longer, but it also makes cleaning quick and easy with its wipeable surface.

Construction Icon

High quality construction

Skytile features an exceptionally thin and light weight structure, whilst providing maximum strength and durability, and market leading light uniformity through innovative engineering and the very latest chip technology.

Accessories Icon

Accessories available

A range of accessories are available to ensure versatility across applications, including microwave presence detector to ensure areas are only lit when occupied, and surface mounting box for installation onto solid ceilings.

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Market leading warranties

Providing complete peace of mind

We believe that a manufacturers’ warranty is your assurance of quality and reliability. This is why Skytile Direct/Indirect is covered by an extended warranty, up to 5 years.

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