Skytile® Sense

Microwave presence detection or daylight harvesting

Skytile Sense LED flat panel
  • Daylight Harvesting and Presence Detection options
  • Hidden sensor integrated in driver on every panel
  • Fast and simple dip switch setup
  • 7 year warranty, inc. 2 year on site support
  • No visible difference on panel
  • 4700k and 4000k colour temperature variations

Ultra efficient 28W LED total wattage

Up to 107 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Up to 60 % additional energy saving

Skytile® Sense has been developed to ensure minimal energy usage and that only the required light output is supplied.

Our Skytile® Sense Microwave presence detection option ensures that frequently vacant areas are only fully illuminated when in use, cutting down unnecessary energy usage. With various step dim and hold time options, it is ideal for corridors, toilets and unused offices.

The Skytile® Sense Daylight Harvesting option ensures only the right amount of light is supplied to the room. Using intelligent sensors that detect UV light, Skytile® Sense Daylight Harvesting dims the fitting down based on the natural light that enters the room, making it ideal for rooms that have large windows. The installer simply sets the required Lux level on the working plane on the intuitive dip switch design, and the panel does the rest, further reducing energy use and ensuring the workplace is adequately lit.

Integrated Sensor Technology

Combined led driver & sensor

The integrated driver-sensor simply attaches to the back of the Skytile® using magnets, creating an effortless installation. The technology used within the integrated driver-sensor allows detection through the panel, meaning no additional sensors or cutouts are required.

Skytile Sense integrated driver with magnetic installation

Integrated sensor driver

Microwave Presence Detection or Daylight Harvesting options available.


Simple dipswitch controls

No need for specialist installation.


Simple magnetic attachment

Quick and easy installation. Simply slot the integrated driver and sensor into the cutaway on the back of the panel.


Skytile Sense panel

Our market leading LED flat panel. The integrated sensor detects through the panel, avoiding the need for separate sensors.

Simple dip switch controls

No need for specialist installation

Programming a sensor has never been easier with the simple dipswitch control. No commissioning of a dedicated programmer is required, saving time and money.

  • Dip switch system is simple to set up
  • Presets available for the most common usage
  • Set up for standard ceiling heights (2.8m)

Microwave Presence Detection

Default settings:

  • Detection Area – 100%
  • Hold Time – 15 minutes
  • Daylight Sensor – Disabled
  • Standby Period – Infinite
  • Standby DIM Level – 25%
Detection Area (Switch 1)

Up to 100%

Up to 50%

Hold Time (Switch 2, 3 & 4)

5 seconds

3 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes


Daylight Sensor (Switch 5 & 6)

50 lux (dark operation)

150 lux (twilight operation)

300 ux (twilight operation)


Standby Period (Switch 7 & 8)

0 seconds

10 minutes

30 minutes


Daylight Harvesting

Default settings:

  • Target Illumination – 500 lux
  • Minimum Hold Time – 25%
  • Daylight Sensor – Active
Target Illumination (Switch 1 & 2)

500 lux

400 lux

300 lux

150 lux

Daylight Harvest (Switch 5)



Dramatically increase your energy savings

Only use energy when you need to

Skytile® Sense Microwave Presence Detection and Daylight Harvesting allow you to only use energy when you need to, decreasing energy consumption and dramatically increasing energy savings. By utilising the very latest sensing technology, our market leading LED panels are up to 60% more efficient than ever before.

28W Skytile

Annual energy savings

28W Skytile sense (daylight harvesting)

Annual energy savings

Same 500lx light level

Up to 60% less energy

Skytile® already boasts up to 60% energy savings when compared against tradtiional T5 fluorescent luminaries, with Skytile® Sense you can save even more energy by utilising the advantages of Microwave Presence Detection and Daylight Harvesting.

Covered by our outstanding 7 year warranty

Including 2 years on-site support

Our Skytile® range is covered by our 7 Year Warranty. That includes 2 Year On-Site support, and our industry-leading 5 Year Commerical Warranty. During the 2 Year On-Site support, we’ll replace or repair any of your Skytile® fittings completely free of charge.

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Microwave Presence Detection

Significantly reduce running costs

Presence detectors ensure that areas are only lit when occupied and are therefore one of the best ways to significantly reduce running costs. Skytile® Sense integrated driver technology uses microwaves to detect presence through the back of the LED panel controlling the LED panel when occupancy is detected.

  • Variable detection diameter

    • Wide and narrow detection area
    • Suitable for office and corridor applications
  • Microwave presence detection

    • Step dimming from 10-50%
    • Variable hold time and standby period
  • Integrated sensor technology

    • Combined LED driver and microwave sensor
    • Single point installation, no commissioning required
  • Group wiring

    • Fittings wired in synchronised banks
    • Seamless workplace integration

How presence detection works

When presence is no longer detected, the panel will automatically dim down and depending on settings pre-selected by the user; the panel will stay at a low light level or switch off fully. To ensure sensor technology is integrated seamlessly into the workplace environment, the panels can be wired in banks so that the panels are synchronised with one another.

Wired in Synchronised Banks

Intelligent Office Lighting

Control what lights turn on once a sensor picks up movement by wiring the panels in one or numerous banks. All sensors within the designated bank act as masters and slaves, meaning if any one of the sensors behind the panel is activated by motion, it will trigger all other lights in the bank.

Skytile Sense synchronised banks

Variable Detection Area

One sensor, different applications

Adjust the detection area of the sensor by using the simple dipswitch controls. Two options are available, 100% for full area detection such as open office spaces or 50% detection for narrower applications such as corridors and aisle racking.

  • Skytile Sense with variable detection area

    Skytile Sense Microwave Presence Detection

    Integrated sensor detects movement within detection area.


    Detection area set to 50%

    A narrow 50% setting is ideal for corridors.


    Detection area set to 100%

    A wide 100% setting is ideal for office areas and larger spaces.

  • Skytile Sense with variable detection area

    Skytile Sense Microwave Presence Detection

    Integrated sensor detects movement within detection area.


    Detection area set to 50%

    A narrow 50% setting is ideal for corridors.

  • Skytile Sense with variable detection area

    Skytile Sense Microwave Presence Detection

    Integrated sensor detects movement within detection area.


    Detection area set to 100%

    A wide 100% setting is ideal for office areas and larger spaces.

Daylight harvesting

Automatically maintain optimal light levels

Maintaining optimal light level without over lighting the workspace environment is a fantastically simple way of making further energy and cost savings. The integrated light sensor within the Skytile® LED driver, which sits on the back of each LED panel, has been engineered to continuously detect and monitor ambient daylight within the work space environment.

  • Target ambient lux levels

    • Simple initial dipswitch setup
    • Preset levels from 150-500 lux
  • Responsive dimming

    • Intelligently adapts to fluctuations in natural daylight
    • Significant reductions in running costs
  • Integrated sensor technology

    • Combined driver with photocell
    • Automatic daylight sensing through panel face
  • Single point installation

    • Quick and simple point retrofit solution for 4x18W T8
    • No need for additional wiring or sensors

How daylight harvesting works

Throughout the day, Skytile® will automatically dim and brighten in order to balance LED light with natural light fluctuations through nearby windows, to meet the target LUX level that has been pre-set by the user adjusting the dip switches on the driver.

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