Skytile® Surface

The surface mounted direct fluorescent replacement

Skytile Surface LED flat panel
  • Zero maintenance, no need to relamp
  • Highly efficient, up to 82 Lumens per circuit Watt
  • Secure anti-tamper design
  • Covered by our extended 5 year warranty

Ultra efficient 49W LED 61W, 80W & 100W options

Over 82 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Over 70 % energy saving

Our range of surface mounted LED flat panels

Skytile® Surface comes with all the benefits of our market leading range of LED flat panels and provides a point-for-point solution for replacing existing surface mounted fluorescent fittings. Skytile® Surface comes in multiple dimming variants and emergency options making it ideal for all commercial applications.

Installation in four simple steps

Designed for quick & easy installation

Step One

The LED panel is placed into the base.

Step Two

The LED panel is moved across the base on internal runners.

Step Three

The LED panel is then pushed back up into position.

Step Four

The LED panel is secured from both sides with sliding clips.

Built on a strong foundation

Utilising Skytile's design

Skytile® Surface utilises the same technology as Skytile®, our market-leading LED flat panel to provide outstanding light quality, all encased in an elegant two piece extruded aluminium frame.

Skytile Surface LED flat panel cutaway

Polycarbonate light diffuser

The polycarbonate diffuser provides an even light distribution to the room and will not drip hot plastic in the event of a fire, providing extra safety assurance in the workplace.


Light reflector

The high quality mild steel light reflector ensures that all light is reflected back into the light transmitter.


Innovative light transmitter

The surface properties of the light transmitter ensure light moves evenly throughout the fitting.

The light pixels covered base directs all the light into the polycarbonate diffuser.


High performance LED chips

Light is projected from the high specification LED chips directly into the light transmitter. Skytile® LED technology provides maximum light with minimum energy consumption.


Anti-tamper design

The LED panel is secured into place by two locking clips on the edge of the fitting.

A size to suit all

4ft, 5ft & 6ft options

Skytile® Surface is available in a range of sizes, making it versatile and ideal for virtually any application. Sizes range from 4ft, 5ft and 6ft to suit your needs.

See the range
  • Skytile® Surface 6600

    1800mm / 6ft

  • Skytile® Surface 6200 & 5000

    1500mm / 5ft

  • Skytile® Surface 4000

    1200mm / 4ft

Saving you even more energy

Up to 70% energy savings with microwave sensing

Skytile® Surface is available with an optional microwave sensor end cap. You could see your energy and cost savings increase from 40% to 70% by using our microwave sensor end cap.

Up to 40 % savings as standard

Up to 70 % with microwave sensing


Baseline energy usage

Skytile® surface

40% saving as standard

Skytile® surface microwave sensor

70% total saving

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