The market leading LED flat panel

Supported by our 7 year extended warranty, including 2 year on-site support.

Skytile LED flat panel
  • Covered by our 7 year extended warranty
  • Highest specification componentry
  • Consistent colour temperature
  • Smooth and even light distribution

Ultra efficient 28W LED 36W & Linear options

Over 100 LPCW Lumens per circuit watt

Over 60 % energy saving

Our range of high performance LED flat panels

Skytile® was one of the first LED panels to provide the market with consistent and reliable performance that exceeded traditional fluorescent fittings. As LED technology has improved greatly over the past few years, there are now increased expectations of the market to provide greater energy savings and reduced payback periods. With this in mind, we have redeveloped our Skytile® range to incorporate the very latest chip technology whilst retaining the styling and aesthetics that provide the continuity which the market demands.

Market leading LED flat panel

Performance that exceed 100 lumens per circuit Watt

The entire Skytile® range has been upgraded to feature the very latest LED chip technology, whilst retaining the styling and aesthetics that provide the continuity which the market demands.

Pure design innovation

High quality construction

Skytile® has retained its popular aesthetics to ensure that it maintains its exceptionally thin and light weight structure, but stays consistent in providing maximum strength and durability. Skytile®’s market leading light uniformity continually improves through being engineered using the very latest chip technology, providing smooth and even light distribution across the working plane through its polycarbonate diffuser.

Skytile LED flat panel cutaway

Exceptionally thin & lightweight structure

The ultra-slim aluminium construction aligns the LED chips with the light transmitter. The JCC Skytile® is lightweight and easy to handle with maximum strength and durability.


Light reflector

The high quality mild steel 'light reflector' ensures that all light is reflected back into the light transmitter.


Innovative light transmitter

The surface properties of the 'light transmitter' ensures light moves evenly throughout the fitting.

The 'light pixels' covered base transmits all the light into the polycarbonate diffuser.


Polycarbonate light diffuser

The polycarbonate diffuser provides an even light distribution to the room and will not drip hot plastic in the event of a fire, providing extra safety assurance in the workplace.


High performance LED chips

Light is projected from the high specification LED chips directly into the light transmitter. Skytile® LED technology provides maximum light with minimum energy consumption.

Refinement on refinement on refinement

Since it’s original launch, Skytile® has been refined continually, resulting in a stunningly thin, elegant LED flat panel. Our latest design is reduced in size, whilst maintaining its excellent light distribution and performance qualities.





Smooth, crisp light distribution

No more shadowing or hot spots

Thanks to a combination of Skytile®’s unique light guide board, diffuser and reflector, we’ve eliminated the shadowing and hotspots that poor quality LED panels would experience. This ensures crisp, smooth light distribution across the working plane, resulting is a much more pleasing working environment and ambient light.

Poor quality panels

Banding and poor light distribution


Smooth, even distribution

Protection through design

IP44 Protection against dust & moisture

Skytile® is IP44 protected as standard. This means the sensitive internals of the fitting are protected against dust and moisture. Not only does this ensure the fitting lasts longer, but it also makes cleaning quick and easy with its wipeable surface.

Perfect working conditions

A range of colour temperatures to suit your office

Skytile® comes in a range of colour temperatures. Choose 3000K for a relaxed, ambient light, 4000K for accurate daylight light or 4700K for task lighting. This makes Skytile® incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of different applications.

Finishes to fit in with your office decor

Skytile® is available with both silver and white frame options. This makes Skytile® even more discrete, and suitable for a range of offices and decors.

Covered by our outstanding 7 year warranty

Including 2 years on-site support

The Skytile® range is covered by our industry leading 7 year warranty. That includes 2 year on-site support, and our industry-leading 5 year commercial warranty. During the 2 Year on-site support, we’ll replace or repair any of your Skytile® fittings completely free of charge.

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How does it work?

Skytile® products are covered by an initial 2 year on-site warranty, from date of purchase (UK installations only). At the end of the 2 years, JCC will offer an extended 5 year replacement, product only, warranty. This relates to all new and existing branch stock.

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Installation made easy

Saving you time and money

Step One

Remove the ceiling tile and move the Skytile® fitting into the ceiling void.

Step Two

Ensuring the power supply is off, wire the LED driver to the mains supply.

Step Three

Move the panel into position within the ceiling.

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