Toughbay Circular

High performance industrial lighting

Toughbay industrial highbay lighting range
  • Ideal for open area illumination
  • Multiple beam angle options from 60° to 105°
  • Ultra efficient with up to 145 LpcW
  • Wide range of accessories & sensors

Up to 48% energy saving

Up to 145LpcW lumens per circuit Watt

Durable IP65 protection

High performance industrial lighting

Toughbay Circular is JCC's range of LED highbays, which provide a direct replacement for the equivalent HID metal halide fittings that industrial applications have become accustomed to.

LED highbays had been around for a couple of years prior to the introduction of Toughbay, however the performance that JCC demands of its products hadn’t yet arrived, and therefore we waited until research and development had got to a point where we could introduce a product that provided the performance and quality that our customers expect.

Options to suit all applications

The Toughbay Circular range


Toughbay Retrofit 120LpcW

Direct replacement for HID metal halide

Delivering a highly efficient 120 lumens per circuit Watt efficiency. Like for like replacement for traditional 150W, 250W and 400W HID metal Halide luminaires.

Key Features:

  • 100W, 150W and 200W options up to 24,000lm
  • Available in 60° and 90° beam options
  • IP65 as standard
  • 5 year warranty
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Toughbay High Output 145LpcW

Outperforms traditional HID metal halide

Offering a market leading 145 lumens per circuit Watt efficiency and outperforming traditional light sources, Toughbay is an outstanding LED solution.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-efficient, up to 145 LpcW
  • 100W, 150W and 200W options up to 28,000lm
  • Available in 60° and 90° beam options
  • 7 year warranty
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Toughbay Circular 110LpcW

5 year ext. warranty, inc. 2 year onsite

Available in three sizes, and provided as standard with JCC’s five year extended warranty with 2 year onsite, providing customers with additional onsite peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • 100W, 180W and 230W standard and emergency versions
  • 105° Beam as standard with a 60° reflector accessory available
  • Emergency versions available
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Toughbay Circular 100W

Case study – Apollo Yeovil

See Toughbay Circular in action

JCC have partnered up with Apollo Motor Group to provide outstanding industrial lighting. Apollo specialise in Mercedes-Benz premium body work, so lighting is key to ensuring every blemish is removed and repaired sufficiently. Watch our video case study to see how Toughbay Circular transformed their working environment.

Our tailored lighting design service

Bespoke lighting schemes

Our team of specialist lighting designers are here to support your lighting needs. We offer a complete bespoke service, tailored to your application and requirements.

For more information, please contact your local JCC representative

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Market leading warranties

Providing complete peace of mind

We believe that a manufacturers’ warranty is your assurance of quality and reliability. This is why all of our Toughbay products are covered by an extended warranty, up to 7 years.

Uncompromising design

Ultra stylish, high performance industrial highbays

Toughbay has been designed and engineered to be incredibly durable and hard wearing, but we’ve not compromised on design or style. From its elegant back plate to its cast aluminium bezel, we've designed Toughbay with the highest attention to detail, finish, construction and build quality.

Toughbay Circular exploded view

Cast aluminium bezel

Made to the highest specification, the bezel includes a silicone gasket to maintain an IP65 rating.


Impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser

Toughbay Circular’s high quality polycarbonate shatter proof diffuser provides extra safety and assurance in the work place.


Multi-array LED chips

The LED array assists in the dissipation of heat over the full surface area of the fitting, helping the product to stay cooler & improve reliability.


Highly durable Driver

Toughbay’s highly efficient driver can operate in a range of temperatures from refrigeration to industrial foundries.


Back plate

Covers the driver and further protects from dust, moisture and environmental contaminants.


Mounting loop

Comes fixed as standard for quick and easy installation.

Toughbay Circular JC71812BLK

Suitable for extreme operating temperatures

Traditional lamps and ballasts have a limited range of start up temperatures. This can often conflict with the ambient temperatures within the application, resulting in poor performance and ineffective lighting.

Toughbay has been designed to operate perfectly within a temperature range of -30°c to +60°c. This makes Toughbay ideal for use in applications from cold storage facilities to industrial foundries.

Consistent colour temperature and NO UV

HID metal halide lamps suffer from colour shift, where the colour alters throughout its lifetime. Toughbay Circular maintains a consistent 5700K colour temperature and a high CRI of 80 for its entire usable life.

Furthermore, Toughbay Circular doesn’t emit any UV light, so stock won’t discolour or degrade over time. This makes Toughbay Circular an ideal solution for retail applications such as car showrooms.

IK10 protection

IK10 Icon

Toughbay Circular provides the maximum impact resistance rating of up to IK10. Traditional lamp based fixtures have a low impact rating and are at high risk of shattering.

IP65 protection

IP65 Icon

Toughbay Circular products are IP65 rated to provide protection against dust, moisture and environmental contaminants. As a result, Toughbay Circular is an ideal choice for harsh environments. Suitable for extreme operating temperatures

Power meets performance

Industry leading performance

When it comes to performance, Toughbay Circular has been designed to outperform both traditional HID fittings, and other LED high bay fittings. Not only could you save up to 48% in energy consumption, but it also boasts astonishing cost savings and completely eliminates high maintenance costs.

Toughbay Base

Say goodbye to maintenance costs

Up to five times longer life than traditional fittings

Industrial lighting is often positioned at inaccessible heights, making maintenance expensive, disruptive and tricky.

Thanks to the IP65 rating and intelligent thermal management of Toughbay Circular, we’ve ensured each fitting delivers a lengthy life span, meaning no more maintenance costs or lamp replacement costs.

Toughbay Circular also boasts an outstanding L70 of 50,000 hours. This means that greater than 70% of the original lumen output is delivered by the fitting when it reaches 50,000 hours. In contrast, traditional fittings last significantly less time.


Toughbay™ Circular


Metal Halide





Doing your part for the environment

Outstanding energy savings

Thanks to Toughbay’s outstanding reliability, efficient LED’s and zero maintenance, switching your lighting to Toughbay could reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money.

Toughbay also boasts up to 48% energy savings when compared to traditional HID metal halide fittings, saving you money whilst saving the planet.

400W HID metal halide


Toughbay Circular 230W

23,700 lumens

48% Energy saving

Against 400W metal halide

Incredible cost savings

Reducing maintenance costs

Thanks to its energy efficiency and the elimination of maintenance costs, Toughbay Circular boasts oustanding costs savings.

cost saving £17,701.77

cost saving £88,508.85

co2 Reduction 204.9.T/co2e

warranty 5 years

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